Ocular Plastic Surgery

Ocular Plastic Surgery


Meulen JC van der, Gilbert PH, Roddi R. Orbital Plastic Surgery. In: Jacques C van der Meulen, Joseph S Gruss. Color atlas and text of ocular plastic surgery, chapter 3, pp 31-54. Mosby-Wolfe 1996

Color Atlas and Text of Ocular Plastic Surgery offers a much-needed fresh approach to the rapidly growing area of oculoplastic surgery. Top-class US and European plastic and ophthalmic surgeons share their practical experience on a wide range of procedures in the region of the eye and orbit, from the correction of congenital abnormalities, to reconstruction following tumor removal, through to the many techniques involved in the correction of trauma. Anatomy, pathology and imaging are extensively detailed with authoritative coverage of indications, techniques, management, complications and results. Organization of this vitaI information is uniquely clear with all the latest concepts in oculoplastic surgery available to the clinician in one easy-to-reference source.


The illustrations in Color Atlas and Text of Ocular Plastic Surgery are plentiful and impressive. High-quality color photographs depict clinicaI situations. Operative details come to life with descriptive step-by-step photographs and specially drawn explanatory illustrations.

– The latest information on reconstructive surgery of the orbit
– Uniquely practical approach by an international team of plastic and ophthalmic surgeons
– Over 1,300 stunning color photographs and illustrations clarify anatomy, imaging and pathology
– Descriptive operative photographs aid understanding of complex procedures
– Concise yet authoritative text focuses on requirements of busy c1inicians

Color Atlas and Text of Ocular Plastic Surgery is vital for all plastic, ophthalmic and maxillofacial surgeons and all those involved in head and neck surgery needing a practical, hands-on guide to the latest clinical and operative procedures.

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